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From Portugal and in UK | I like Roleplay, Strategy and casual games | Like to play music | My alma matter is physics, but expect me to talk about any science or obscure subject | I explain bad jokes...

You'll find both on Twitch and YouTube my projects: "CathalSan" and "Furious and Hungry".

Cathalsan - Youtube

Join me on my personal and gaming channel. I had a recent restart so I've been trying to redesign my self.

Most of my videos are gaming related with an emphasis on Minecraft, RP and RPG.

Recently I've been posting more videos from my streaming archive.

Furious and Hungry - Youtube

Join me on my cooking channel. This project have been on halt but is not forgotten.

As soon as I have conditions to retake on it I''ll publish again. Food is always good and I hope to show how easy is to enjoy yourself with some delicacies.